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Jets homecoming 160s getting hyped up


i promise i think the funniest thing in life… is the fact that once u stop trying to be bothered with a person… is when that individual decides they need to be around you and feels like giving effort…. have never quite understood that

single parents… i understand now

this week with these kids at the junior olympics track and field championships has given me an all new appreciation for single parents… have five kids im responsible for… making sure they get up… take care of themselves… having their stuff together… is ridiculous… no way in the world i would ever in life want to do this full time… hats off to all the people that are doing it… and not complaining… i do get where the strength comes from though.. cause every time i see the smiles on their faces i cant help but think its all worth it


one of those things that i’ve always found amazing… and that you always seem to think you have so many when you  really have so few (although less is always more right?)..and the amazing thing is how so many of your true friends are born from the most trying of times… is it that we are too quick to call many who arent worthy friends… or simply that as many say “some are just for seasons”?

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